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Life Rejuvenation Center is Southern Alabama’s Premier Stem Cell Regeneration Clinic and a Certified Provider of the O-Shot® for Women, Priapus-Shot® or P-Shot® for Men, and the Vampire Facelift® Procedures.

It is our mission and goal to help patients with the most advanced restorative and regenerative medicine therapies. Stem cell therapy is revolutionizing health care and can help you achieve a better quality of life.

Our Procedures

O-Shot® or Orgasm Shot® for Women

Women Cure Urinary Incontinence & Improve Sex

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P-Shot® or Priapus Shot® for Men

How the Penis Can Be Rejuvenated and Enlarged Using PRP

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Vampire Facelift®

Use Your Blood to Rejuvenate Your Face

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Stem Cell Therapy

A hassle-free and easy alternative option to expensive and sometimes dangerous orthopedic surgical procedures which also require lengthy recovery times.

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Health Conditions We Can Help With

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What Are FDA’s Guidelines on PRP?

PRP & the FDA Here’s a summary of the FDA regulations concerning PRP… Here’s a nice summary article with wonderful references… click<-- Here’s an abstract summary of the above article… click<-- Here’s where the FDA plainly says that PRP is not under...

When Should You Treat Peyronie’s With P-Shot®

When Should You Treat Peyronie's with the Priapus Shot® Procedure…Early, After Onset, or Later?Question I'm an ENT doctor but in this case a urology pt with recent-onset (noticed 2-3 weeks ago) Peyronie's. My urologist ______ in ______ gave me your flier...

4-Step Treatment for Anorgasmia

4-Step Treatment for Anorgasmia Dr Charles Runels, (the "Orgasm Doctor") explains a "4-Step Treatment for Anorgasmia"... TRANSCRIPTION OF THE VIDEO ... Hello. I'm Charles Runels. I'm a physician who has for over the past 25 years taken care of over 10,000 women, and...

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